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Educafe’s language support courses are designed to encourage individuals to improve their English, so that they can access community support, healthcare, Further Education, training, and employment opportunities.

We have three specific English language support courses.

There is also a free English conversation practise class in our weekly community café for beginners to advanced learners.

Educafe English for Living in the Community 
Educafe Job Support Club & ESOL for Work#
Educafe English for Maternity 
English Chatty Corner – Community Café

Courses run regularly throughout the year. Just check our events page for the next available courses and/or register here

Courses are free for eligible residents in Berkshire.

Please spread the word

If you know anyone who could benefit from these courses, please let them know to contact us.

More language support courses coming soon. If you need specific language support, please contact us.

Educafe English for Maternity

An Educafe English language support course for pregnant women to understand the language of pregnancy and birth.

The course is designed to encourage women to begin to learn or to improve English, so that they can access healthcare for themselves, their families, and to access Further Education, training, and employment opportunities.

The course is two-hours a week for eight-weeks and includes the language to understand and explain:

How the baby is born
Pain relief
A hospital Visit
Breast Feeding
Bottle Feeding and Bathing

The course includes a befriending and mentoring service with introductions to:

Local mother & baby groups
Local further education & training
Job Support Clubs and networking

The sessions are delivered by a midwife, who ensures the correct information is presented, and an English teacher, who ensures that each participant understands the language for a safe and healthy pregnancy and birth.

Venue and dates to be confirmed- please contact us for more details

Referrals from GPs, Healthcare Professionals, Midwifes, Social Prescribers

Self referrals welcome. Please register here.

Educafe English & Living in the Community

The course is suitable for anyone interested in the Life in the UK Test and their local community. It is designed to help learners understand how their local community is organised, the people, the places, and the way of life. Learners should have a basic level of English; it is not for beginners.

Develop vocabulary related living in the community
Words and expressions to identify and describe local authority organisations, people, places, and way of life
Understand what a community is
Explore local area
Understand how an individual can contribute to a community
Discover West Berkshire Council
Identify local service providers and charities

6-weeks of 2-hour face-to-face sessions or online
Guided self-study/homework

Learner fees will be dependent on their location and eligibility status
Free to residents of West Berkshire
or £100 to non-residents.


Educafe job support club & English for work

Educafe’s Job Support Club and English for Work Course is for non-native speakers looking to start, or return to work, volunteer, reconnect with learning and/or further training.
in Berkshire.


Describe jobs, work, and people
Discover job hunting
Understand and practise vocabulary for salary and pay
Identify C.V. mistakes
Write a personal C.V.
Review and practise interview skills

Expert employability workshops delivered by local support agencies, including:

English Test (Entry 2+ required)
Access to a PC, Laptop, or phone
Access to Wi-Fi & Internet

Educafe English chatty corner

We are delighted to bring you Educafe’s English Chatty Corner every Wednesday from our pop-up Community Café.

Please come along for free English language practice with English language teachers and volunteers. Come with friends or come on your own and make new friends.

There are lots of activities and games to have fun while you learn English.

Everyone is welcome – all English levels – free refreshments!

Check our events calendar for the next Community Café.


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