Educafe Buddies & Meet & Greet Services

What are Educafe Buddies?
A team of Educafe volunteers who are dedicated to making Educafe a welcoming and friendly place for everybody including new & existing visitors, referrals from other services and other volunteers.

We want to ensure Educafe is consistently living up to our reputation for being welcoming to everybody, inclusive, sensitive and considerate of all our visitors’ needs and lived experiences.

We also know how difficult it is for some people to take the first step of visiting a new place and meeting new people. Even those who may visit regularly, may require extra support to feel included and at home.

Our Educafe Buddy team aims to ensure all visitors – new and existing – know they are coming to a safe and supportive environment where they will be treated with respect and compassion.

Educafe Buddies’ Responsibilities:

Buddies are available from 11am to 2pm each week to:
Meet & greet, befriend and buddy new visitors
Answer any questions from new volunteers/visitors
Offer ‘tours’ and introductions to Educafe and how it works
Be available at the welcome desk/knit & natter/Parents Village/in the cafe/chatty corner as a point of contact for all visitors and partners
Sit down and have a cup of tea and a chat!

You can also ask our friendly volunteers to teach you some new skills.

Don’t be shy, just drop-in as and when you like. If you’d like an introduction, please find an Educafe Buddy at the welcome desk in the library lobby and ask them to guide you in the fright direction.


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