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Transforming Lives in West Berkshire 

At Educafe, we are passionate about fostering a strong, inclusive community in West Berkshire. Our mission is to support parents, new arrivals to the area, and older people, helping them thrive and feel connected. We invite you to support our meaningful projects and become an integral part of our community’s transformation.

ONLY £100

to support your community and increase your local reach

Why Support Educafe?

Educafe is more than a community hub; it’s a lifeline for many. We offer workshops and support groups for parents, language support & signposting for newcomers, and social engagement for older adults. By supporting Educafe, you directly contribute to the wellbeing and cohesion of West Berkshire’s residents.

1.    Profile Raising: Your support will be acknowledged across our communications and events, enhancing your visibility and reputation.
2.    Community Investment: Demonstrating your commitment to local development fosters loyalty and trust in your brand.
3.    Networking: Engage with other businesses, community leaders, and residents through our initiatives.

Your business can support Educafe through financial donations, event sponsorships, in-kind services, and fundraising. Every contribution makes a significant difference.

In the run up to our 3rd birthday celebrations in June, we’re inviting local businesses to get behind us by donating £100 in exchange for publicity throughout the rest of the year. Please see our leaflet & click on the QR code for more details and to donate.


Everyone is welcome at Educafe. Join us in creating a welcoming, supportive environment for all residents.
To learn more about how your business can get involved, please contact us at
We look forward to partnering with you and making a lasting impact on our community.

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